Broken Office Chairs on Garbage

How to Fix Office Chair Problems

Considering we spend most of the workday in our comfortable office chairs, it becomes very obvious when something isn’t quite right with them. Just like any piece of furniture or office equipment, these chairs can become damaged or broken from regular wear and tear over the years.

Knowing how to fix office chair is a handy skill to have, and one that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Depending on the damage that’s been done, you may be able to replace the broken parts and give your chair many years of extra life and durability.

Broken Seat on Office Chair

As our office chairs are the source of most of our support and comfort in the workplace, keeping them in their best condition is essential. Having functioning ergonomic products and an understanding of how to best use them means we can have improved comfort and productivity even through the longest days of work.

Common Problems with Office Chairs

If you have a broken office chair, the source of damage could come from any one of the parts. As these devices are somewhat complicated, there can be a few common problems that are causing you discomfort or annoyance.

Sitting on Unstable Chair

Chair Sinking

One of the most common problems with pneumatic chairs is that after some time they’re prone to sinking. This is commonly caused by the gas cylinder being faulty or damaged, making it unable to keep the pressure in to raise the seat. This can be easily fixed by replacing the gas cylinder with a heavy duty product, and only takes a few minutes of your time.

Chair Height Stick on Office Chair

Unstable Feeling

If your chair feels wonky as you sit on it, the problem is likely coming from the base. Inspect the base to see everything is screwed in, and look carefully at the caster wheels to see that they’re all connected. Both the wheels and the base are replaceable, so there’s no need to purchase an entirely new chair if this is the problem.

Sitting in Office Chair with Lower Back Pain

Wheels not Rolling

Without a mobile chair, you’re losing half of the functionality of your ergonomic seat. If you’re finding it hard to roll the chair, the problem is likely coming from the wheels. Inspect all of the wheels to see they’re not jammed with anything, and replace with quality caster wheels to improve your chair’s durability and movement.

Office Chair Wheels not Rolling

Back Support Failing

If you sit on your chair and find the back falling out and not offering support, you’ll need to inspect the backrest. Often times this can become loose, leading people to discard the chair altogether when they simply need to tighten the screws again. Without adequate back support, your chair will lose all of its ergonomic value, so it’s important that this works correctly.

Woman Adjusting Chair Back Support

How to Disassemble Office Chair

If after considering the most common problems for computer chair repair you’re still unsure where and what the damage is, you can easily disassemble office chair to get a better look at its inner workings. While every chair is different, you should be able to easily disassemble it to look for suspected damage using this method.

1. Turn the chair on its side and wear a pair of gloves to prevent damage from any hardware.

2. First, remove the wheels by either pulling on the relevant lever or twisting and pulling them from their slot individually.

3. Next, remove the armrests by unscrewing the necessary screws or pulling them out of their slot. Keep in mind, some armrests are permanently attached to the chair so you will not be able to remove them.

4. Pull the entire chair from the base and remove any smaller screws or bolts that you come across, keeping them in a separate bag.

5. Take the hydraulics and cylinder base from the chair by gently tapping on it to release. Pull any remaining bolts or screws from the chair and inspect each piece separately.

The Benefits of a Working Office Chair

Without a functioning office chair, you’re missing out on the many benefits offered by these specialized pieces of equipment. A quality and working office chair can bring the user such advantages as:

Man Sitting in Office Chair
  • Comfort - These chairs have been designed for comfort and intended for users who spend hours each day at their desk. With deep seats and adjustable heights and angles, they can be customized to meet your physical needs.
  • Health - Considering almost half of workplace injuries come from strains and sprains, a functioning office chair is the best defense you have against these disorders.
  • Mobility - When your office chair is working and mobile, you’re able to move around the office and reach things within a safe distance a lot easier. This, in turn, reduces exertion, stress, and strain on your back.
  • Ergonomics - As the study of efficiency in the workplace, ergonomics is very concerned with how and where we sit. With an ergonomic chair in good working order at your disposal, you’ve already targeted most of the problems areas that can affect our productivity.

Why You Should Repair Your Chair

While it may be tempting to simply throw out your broken office chair when it stops performing, it’s often an unnecessary and drastic step to take. To repair office chair doesn’t take much know-how provided you’re using quality replacement parts to fix the problem.

Man Falling from Office Chair

As the importance of ergonomics in the workplace becomes ever more apparent, having a functioning office chair and other pieces of furniture is extremely important to our long-term health and comfort levels while we work.

Rather than going with your first instinct to simply dump your broken seat, you can save yourself money and improve the quality of your office supplies with just a little bit of work in repairing your chair.

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