Office Chair Parts to Upgrade Your Current Workspace

Let’s pretend you already have a good, well-organized desk and office chair and a stupendously decorated office to work with. You’ve picked the right color for your walls and you have all the best

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Office Workstations: Layout Ideas and Optimal Setups for Home or Coworking Spaces

You finally did it: you started your own business and now you’re champing at the bit to set up an office space where you can go to get some real work done. Maybe you have finances to do or your product

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Office Cubicles

Office Cubicles that Make the Best Use of Space for Ideal Comfort

A study conducted by students at New York University found that: “conditions associated with open-plan offices have negative effects on objective” and “subjective measures of performance.”

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Office Chair Gas Cylinder Replacement: A How-to Guide

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’ve done all your research on lumbar support and the chair you’ve picked comes with all the bells and whistles. It has great reviews and, more than that, it’s

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Finding Quality Office Chair Replacement Wheels To Improve Your Work Station

What do you use your computer for? Is it purely for pleasure or do you work from home? Maybe you run your own business and you spend a good chunk of your time sitting down working on your books? What about

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office chair cylinder replacement

Office Chair Cylinder Replacement – Step-by-Step Guide

Are you constantly sitting down in your office chair only to find out that the cylinder no longer lifts up and down? Well, there are three options: Deal with the sinking chair, buy a brand new chair,

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Phone Holder For Regular Phone

The Best Phone Holder for a More Productive Workspace

Considering how many hours we put into work, whether at home or in the office, it makes sense that we should devote some time to finding the most ergonomic products to allow us to work at our best and

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Black Wooden Monitor Riser

How to Find the Best Monitor Riser for Your Office

Considering we spend most of the work day staring at our computer screen, this is one of the most important areas for ergonomics. The strain placed on our necks and backs as we look to our screens can

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Cleaned and Organized Workspace

How to Find the Best Desk Organizer for Your Workspace

Having a desk full of clutter is the easiest way to add unwanted stress to your workday, but keeping things organized can sometimes be a chore. Using a desk organizer is a simple yet effective way to keep

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Black/White Ergonomic Desk Chair in Living Room

How to Find the Best Ergonomic Desk Chair for Your Office

For anyone spending hours a day sitting at their desk, you’ll understand the importance of having a chair that you like. Ergonomic desk chairs have been designed specifically for prolonged use and are

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Woman Resting Feet on Desk Foot Rest

How a Desk Foot Rest Can Improve Your Work Day Significantly

When hearing the term ergonomics, most people consider back and neck health to be the most important areas to protect as we work. However, our feet are just as important in ensuring good posture and less

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Broken Office Chairs on Garbage

How to Fix Office Chair Problems

Considering we spend most of the workday in our comfortable office chairs, it becomes very obvious when something isn’t quite right with them. Just like any piece of furniture or office equipment, these

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Black Swivel Chair

Your Guide to Swivel Chair Components

As one of the most important ergonomic products in the workspace, our office chairs are responsible for supporting our back and neck, improving comfort, and increasing our overall productivity.Understanding

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Office Chair Chrome Wheels

Your Guide to Office Chair Wheel Replacement

Through the life of your office chair, there will come a time when you need to replace the wheels. Office chair wheel replacement is a relatively simple job, and when done correctly and with a quality

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Man Relaxing in Office

The Simple Solution When Your Office Chair Keeps Sinking

They’re the most used items in our workplace, but what happens when our office chair is no longer performing at its best? If your office chair keeps sinking, you’ll be aware of just how much of an

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Stainless Steel Office Chair Gas Cylinder

How an Office Chair Gas Cylinder can Improve Your Workspace

If you walk into just about any office in this country, you’re likely to find a pneumatic chair being used by a majority of the staff. These chairs are defined by their ability to move up and down so

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Improve Your Office Ergonomics

How Caster Wheels Can Improve Your Office Ergonomics

Office chairs have advanced far beyond what they originally looked like, now with the comfort and safety of the user more in mind. Traditional office chairs didn’t feature many of the ergonomic benefits

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